Monday, April 30, 2012

Review : Silky Girl Bare Classic Eyeshadow

Hallo Chica.. ^^
It's been a long time since I posted the last posting .. I was so busy lately.. >.<
Now... I will give a review of my first eyeshadow!
Before I introduce my first eyeshadow.. I will tell you a bit about Silky girl..
This pallete is called Blockbuster color palette..
In Silky Girl's web says :

"With the all-new Blockbuster Color Palette, adding drama to your eyes is so easy. It includes an interesting selection of pigment-rich eye shadows from classic neutrals to bright funky colors – you can create any look that you desire The Blockbuster Color Palette is sure to guarantee you eyes-cellent performance."

there are 6 palettes that you can choose..

From left to the right
01 Bare Classics, 02 Simply Pastel, 03 Green Forest,
04 Urban Mood, 05 Smokey Charm, 06 Violet Crush

nice right ?

Why did I choose this eyeshadow?
At first, I was so confused.. whether I buy an eyeshadow or not...
because, I was afraid that I couldn't use it.. (-_-")
But.. I wouldn't be able to use it if I didn't try it .. Right?
with my minimum budget, I went to Mahmud (make up store) and found this cute eyeshadow..  ^^
I fell in love at the first sight ^^ it had cute colours !
It was the colour which i was looking for... Natural ...

Bare Classics
The back of the packaging
So, on the back of the packaging, there are instructions of how to use the eyeshadow.. Moreover, It is explained by picture so that we can follow it easier .. ^^
there are the ingredients of this palette below the instructions  :)

What do I think about it ?
It's gorgeous ! I love it....

With Flash and No Eye Based
As you can see in the picture.. It's really pigmented, right?
you have to try it ^^

What I love is
- It's really pigmented..
- It has a good natural colour..
- Affordable
- Easy to find in Indonesia

What I hate is
- It has parabean >.<
- I can't use the applicator because it's so small so it's hard to use ...

Price and where :
It's about Rp 59.000,- ($5.9)
In bandung, you can buy it at Istana Plaza Mall, Ciwalk, and Mahmud

Will I repurchase ?
I will buy it in another color .. ^^

Next post will be about my Surprise Birthday Party !! >.<
so stay tune Chica...



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  2. like this post,kebetulan lg pengen eye shadow yang ini
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    1. iya dear.. sama^^

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