Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm back ^^

Hola Chicaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
How are you ?
it's all fine right????

it has been  a month since my last post!
I was really busy making a report about my part-time job !
it was soooo boring week for me..
But, Finally..
that boring time will end soon ! Yiipppiiee..

So now, I will give you brief post about my Hauls..
Here are the pictures :

Yes I know, It has been on my wish lists for months !!!
and now it is in my possession ! *devil smile*

It's Little Black beauty Book..
In my wish lists.. I want .....
But, after i re-searched, I found this cute pallete..

and the last one is Contact Lens !!!
actually, I want to give it a try on Geo or other brands of contact lens from japan..
but, for some reasons I buy "X2 Baby eyes".. and it's pretty cute you know .. :)

Here are some beauty hauls (again) ....

Ok Chica, stay tune and wait for my review, will ya ??
I will give a review about it one by one..
SOOOOOO many things that I really want to share.,,
and FYI, I will not only share about beauty, But also about my interests
like comics, food, and about my hometown (since i'm in Batam right now)
here are my comics Collection!

oh gosh.. I can't wait to share it all !!


thank you for reading my blog
it means a lot to me

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