Sunday, July 29, 2012

Giveaway from Lulu ^^

Hello my Lovely Chica ^^
This post will be about giveaway from Lulu..
Who is Lulu anyway ?
She is a Beauty Blogger from Indonesia and she lives like a princess ;p
you will agree with me if you read her blog!
here is her blog address
since her followers are 200 and more, she is holding a giveaway yeaaayy \(^.^)/
congratulation dear ^^

about her giveaway ^^
She divides the giveaway into 2 categories!
one is for blogger who follow her on GFC and one for her silent readers ^^

here are the prizes
It's so tempting right?
for more detail about the prizes just click here

So, what should you do to get this prizes ?
1. You have to be her follower (it's a must)
2. Do a blog post about it, and answer her question...
"since when did you follow her blog? Since what episode?"
3. Leave a comment! Your GFC name and your link post about her giveaway

It's really simple right?^^

then now I will answer her question :)

"Frankly, I forget when I followed her blog. But I'm sure It's between February or march. I do remember, when I first read her blog, her posts were just about 5 or 10 posts >.< I followed her blog because she had a small eyes like I had and she made a "cat eyes" so beautifully!  hahaha, It was silly reason right ? :p"

How about you? Since when you follow her?
do a blog post and tell her!!
Good luck everyone ^^

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Giveaway

Another Giveaway ^^
If you love free products, I think you should join these giveaways ..
Who knows that you are lucky one ..

First Giveaway is from twothousandthings ..
the prize is Talika Lipocils Expert >.<
Talika, a specialist in eyelash care since 1948, has re-formulated its famed Lipocils into an even more potent formula. The Lipocils Expert conditions the lashes to help them: 
- lengthen by up to 36%, 
- strengthen by up to 50%, 
- curl up by up to 50%.

The Prize
If you are interested, you can join this giveaway ..
Unfortunately, It just for Indonesian Address only..

Second Giveaway is from Winda ..
She is now seven months pregnant.. yeaayy..
Congratulation >.<
So that is why she give a giveaway for her follower ^^
here are the prizes ..
It's just one of the prizes
Do you wanna know more ?
Just clickme .. 

Good Luck Everyone  <3
*Finger Crossed*

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Makeupnista Challenge : CIRCUS

halo chica ^^
I want to share my Circus makeup to you ^^
Actually, this makeup Challenge is called "makeup nista"..
FYI, This is the second challenge from the "makeup nista" ...
for more information you can check on miss Arum's blog

I found this challenge was so interesting >.<
so, I searched some ideas from google..
and I found this picture ..

Gothic Makeup
actually it's pretty awesome!!
but, I found this too difficult for me..
I wish I could do makeup like this, maybe someday >.<

Colourful make up
It has lovely colors...
But, since I didn't have many makeup tools, I decided to skip this one..

Then I found this picture..
It looked awesome yet simple !
So I tried to make this picture as an idea for my makeup challenge..
I hope I can make it perfect >.<

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recently Giveaway

Hallo Chica..
There are 2 giveaways that you should join...
First Giveaway is from

The prizes from Christine
It will end at 23 July 2012

Second Giveaway is from

The prizes from Bunny
It will end at 24 August 2012

Count yourself join these giveaways!

FOTD : Pink and Blue for Everyday Make Up

Hola Chica.. ^^
Do you always mix and match your eyeshadows with your cloth?
As for me, I always try to do it ^^

This post will show you my FOTD that goes along with my dress >.<

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review : Revlon Grow Luscious

Hello Chica..
Do you remember my Revlon Haul ?
If you don't remember it, click this

Yesterday, Vani asked me to make a review about it...
Since I don't want to make her disappointed, I make a review about it as soon as possible... ^^

I bought this mascara, because I wanted to get a set of brushes from revlon!
and this was the cheapest mascara from Revlon >.<
I love cheap and free product .. <3


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review : Sariayu Whitening Mask

Hellooow Chica..
Do you usually use mask every week?
I always try to use mask 2 times in a week..
why ?
Because mask helps you to give a clean and smooth skin face.
It also gives vitamins to your face.. ^^
Mask really has so many benefits! So, if you want to have a nice skin in a natural way..
I really recommend you to use mask every week or at least once a month ^^

Ok, because of my old mask ran out, I bought a new one.
but I wanna try a new product from Sari Ayu Whitening Mask
here's a pict of the product

The product with me!
cannot lose my narcissism >.<

Closer Look
The packaging is so cute.. It's a combination between white and green
it makes it look fresher .. ^^
there is a Vectors of Hibiscus, since the mask has a hibiscus extract :)

"Tighten & Helps whiten the skin.
With Hibiscus extract & Pro Vit. B5"

It's written on the packaging. Is it true?
Let's find out!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

FOTD : Green !

Haiyooo Chica..
Now, I want to share you my FOTD..
There will be a lot of my pictures.. So, prepare yourself to see my Beautiful face..


Closed eyes

Using Glasses
Look at my eyes !


blush blush >.<
What I wear :
Face :
- PAC Liquid Foundation
- Skin food Apple Can Multi Blusher
- NYX 'Haute Jersey' Bronzer as Contour

Eyes :
- Wardah
- Elf 'Little Black beauty Book' - Green eyeshadow
- Silky Girl Blockbuster Palette - Pink eyeshadow (Soon, it will be made a review)
- NYX 'Haute Jersey' - Brown eyeshadow
- Maybelline Hypersharp (I will make a review soon)
- Revlon Mascara Grow Luscious
- Silky Girl Blockbuster Palette - Brown eyeshadow, used to line my eyebrows >.<

Lips :
- Lip Ice repair and treatment
- Skin food Candy Moist Rough

More Pictures of me ^^

Thank you for reading my blog ..
see you on my next post


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review : Part II NYX Haute Jersey Swatch

Hello ladieeesss..
This is my part II review about NYX Haute Jersey ^^
If you haven't read the part 1 just click it (part one)

Straight to the point..
Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows ^^

The first top eyeshadows ^^

From top to Bottom A, B and C
From Left to right 1,2,3 and 4