Sunday, September 23, 2012

Makeupnista Challenge : Ichigo Kurosaki

Hai Chica ..
Long time no see, huh ? :p

On last June, the theme of Makeupnista Challenge was Circus ..
here was my make up circus ..
what do you think ?

For this month, the theme is Cartoon ^^
here is the link for further information about this theme ^^ (makeupnista)

at that time, I was confused about deciding which character I should choose ..
I have a round face and a small eye ..
which cartoon character will suit me ? (-_-")
and then I found my picture

Ichigo Kurosaki - Character Comic of Bleach

I love this comic, bleach <3
I have been collecting this comic since 2 years ago >.<
Soooo, I decided to make my face like him !

I sought again on google .. then I found this picture
I took from Google >,<
She is really cute, right ? >.<
She inspired me to create a make up like that .. yeaayy..

so let's see how I did my Make up ^^


my small nose.. (-..-)



my Insanity (-_-")
what do you think?
I wish I had yellow contact lenses, I think it would be better and scarier .. :D
I hope you like my make up ^^

have a nice day Chica