Saturday, April 21, 2012

some cute things and OOTD

Hi Chica..
Today I want to share some things that really cute.. ^^

I love to buy my daily things at Yogya store.. Last month they gave a coupon for every purchase value of Rp 40.000,- If you have 30 coupons you will get one cute bottle.. ^^ So I chose Rapunzel.... hoho..
the colour was the cutest if I compared with the others .. :D
I love free products :p

Rapunzel ^^
Then this is a Bird Cage necklace....
I really love the details of this necklace.. ^^
there are key, ring, heart, diadem, and a cage of a bird..
really cute, huh?

The next one is Monkey Doll....
when I was looking for a gift for my BoyFriend..
I found this cute little Monkey...
I couldn't hold myself to buy it.. hohoho..
Then finally I gave this doll to my BF.. and He liked it.. yeeaayy..

Cute Doll
Do you know what the picture below is?
It's a Flash disc !!....
hohoho.. I fell in love with it at the very first sight! It's really really cute.. (*.*)

the last cute thing is ME!
You have to be confident to say that you are cute!
or else, who will say that you are cute?
We are all cute, unique and beautiful!
Say it in front of mirror, and smile.. you will feel  the differences..

Happy Kartini Day..


  1. yayyy, we have the same flash drive!! I was afraid that the rubber like texture would get dirty so I pull out the drive and keep the dragon inside my glass cabinet :D

    1. huaah.. really?
      It's really cute, right?

      I never think like that before before.. (-.-")
      thanks for inspiring me.. ^^


  2. Beautiful blog with so many inspiring ideas! Great work:) Would you like to follow each other?

    1. than you laura...
      I've followed you :)
      thank you for stopping by ^^