Monday, November 5, 2012

Review : K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h

Hello Chica,
It has been a long time since I made a review about a product >.<
So now I want to make a review of my current eyeliner ..

When I went to Watson in Singapore, I found many makeup products! I really wanted to buy them all..
Unfortunately I didn't bring much money.. -_-
So, I had to choose which one I need the most..

and then taraaaaa...
I found this ...

Why did I buy this K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h?
Because of that "1 DAY TATTOO" writing that is written on the packaging >.<
and also as you can see on the pictures, it's written
"Helps draw Incredibly delicate lines and effectively ensures long hold"
when I read this, I just took it to the cashier without looking another makeup products..

Let's see the back of the packaging

actually, It's written in Japanese language, but It's overwritten by sticker ..
the sticker is written in English language so it's easy to understand ^^

Let's see the eyeliner

Black Black Black >.<
I love it ..

the brush is so thin...
so I can make a thin line ^^

the swatch :
one time until 4 times swatch ^^
as you can see, It needs more than one swatch to apply it on my hand..
but, actually, it just needs 2 times swatch to apply it on my eyes.. ^^
Surely, It's really pigmented..

Let's prove it on water..

It is not waterproof!! At that time, I put my hand into the water and the lines just became smudge >.<

On the product label, it's said that "This quick-drying eyeliner comes with patented micro-fibre fine brush tip and high water-resistant polymers, giving you superb control for creating remarkable smudge-resistant effects."

In my opinion, this product is not a quick-drying eyeliner.. You have to wait 5-10 seconds to make sure that the line is dry or it will be a mess..

What I love from this product :
1. The tip of the brush is so thin. I can make the line easily
2. It's so pigmented
3. The packaging of the eyeliner is black.. as you know I love black!

What I hate from this product :
2. It's not for 24h real lasting eyeliner.. It just 3-4h lasting eyeliner ...
3. It's hard to find in Indonesia
4. It's a bit Expensive

Where and Price :
I bought it at Watson Singapore (I forget which Mall it was, but It was in a mall at Orchard Rd)
but I think, all Watson in Singapore has it ^^
I bought it about $14.90 (Singapore dollar) after discount.. The real price before discounted was $19.90

Will I buy it again ?
NO!! I don't think It's worth to buy..

Thank you for reading my blog <3

Friday, November 2, 2012

MAKEUPNISTA Challenge : Late Halloween Make

I'm So sorry for this late Post about Halloween makeup..
"Hello Fina, where the hell has you been? It's already November! No More Halloween!"
Yeah, That was my thought when I wrote this Post.. >.<
then my other thought said
"That's ok Fina. you were busy right? You had to prepare your graduation ceremony, your parents came to Bandung and you were a little bit under the weather because of pushing yourself too hard. Just Post it!"
and Here I am to post my late Post about Halloween makeup..

Because on the latest Challenge I made my face looks terrible.. So I wanna make this one look beautiful,,
But unfortunately.. Instead of making my face beautiful, I made it look like a scary witch >.<

Let's see :

What do you think?