Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OOTD : I am a Black Bee ^^

I love jeans!.. Most of my days, I use jeans... Except when there is a special day or an event..
Here is my outfit today (not exactly today but yesterday >.< ) hahahahah....

Big smile

Because the light was not good...
I turn around so I got the Light.. :p
Too Bright (-_-")
Necklace : Bought at Elizabeth Ciwalk, about $3
Shirt : Body & Soul about $19
Bag : Payless $10
Jeans : LEA (I Forget the price >.<)
Heels : Geofany $25 (I forgot to take a pict of it)

My Round Face >.<

Face : Silky Girl BB Cream, Moisturizer from my Doctor, Sariayu Two way Cake Putih Langsat, and Silky Girl Blush on
Eyes : Silky Girl Gel eyeliner, Oriflame Mascara
Eye Brows : Oriflame Mascara
Lips : Sariayu Kelimutu K-01

Here are my Pictures with my lovely Brother :)

Candiiiiddd :D

Nice moment <3

thank you.... xoxo
have a nice day.. ^^

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