Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wardah Beauty Class

The day after I went to Sariayu mini gathering, I joined Wardah Beauty Class on Sunday. It was Halal Corner that held this event. I paid Rp 100.000 for this event.
It was started at 8 am, but I came at 9.40 am.. >.< I overslept....

When I came, I found that the table had been set, there were one mirror, a set of Wardah brushes, one Wardah Sun Screen gel and one pallet from Wardah (Pallet and Sun Screens Gel were for 5 participants which sat along with me) The speaker was explaining about what if we ate or used something that was not Halal (permissible for Moslem). A Couple minutes later, the section of Halal was over.... I was really really late (T.T)
Beauty Class from Wardah began at 10 am....
They taught the participant how to use foundation, Powder, eye shadow, Contouring, eyeliner, blush on and lipstick. It was too fast for me, I couldn't even catch up.. -_- After make up class finished, Hijab class began. (Hijab means veil used by Moslem women) It was just about 15 minutes! Then the beauty class Finished!

The Mentor on the stage
The mentor showed us how to make stylish Hijab...
So, my friend followed the instructions,.. tadaaaaa,, Here was one of the results :
There was question section and then the announcement of door prize winner after the beauty class....
Asking a question
And then lunch time!!! The lunch was made by Gokana, a Japanese restaurant.. ( I forgot to take the pict of the lunch box, because I was starving >.<)

Frankly, In my point of view.....
This beauty Class from Wardah and Halal Corner was not worth it. It was a beauty class, but I got nothing... The place was too big for such small participants, and then the stage was too far from the participants table so that I didn't get the connection both from the mentors and the other participants. I couldn't see how she did the make up.. -_- not to mention, the mentor explained it too fast..

look how far the mentor was!!
Not to mention my camera was in zoom mode.
oh I forgot to mention,. Wardah gave each of the participants a goodie bag..

Goodie bag From Wardah
Overall.. I was so disappointed.. It's said that the beauty class would be two sections. In fact, there was just one section! ehmm.. next time I will be careful to choose beauty class ... >.<
I hope you  learn something from my experiences....

thanks for reading the post my lovely readers ..


  1. thnk God i canceled my decision to join this class :D.
    thx 4 sharing anyway ! <3

    1. Lucky you Beibb..

      you are very welcome beib.. <3

      your blog is awesome!
      I've followed you ^^

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  2. aw ur blog is better !thankyouu
    ive followed u too <3 keep sharing :))

    1. you are welcome <3

      keep up the good work darl ^^

  3. hai sist, kemarin di solo juga ada beauty class.. tapi cuman 35k
    hampir sama sih, cuman pengisi acaranya salah satu make up artis indonesia ^^
    aku ga ikut :( bentrok sama jadwal sekolah. hihihi
    btw nice blog, keep blogging yah ^^

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    1. wah 35 ribu? kok murah? :(
      Make up artis lagiii
      Beda bgt ama yg di bandung >.<

      You have a great blog and I've followed you ^^

      thanks for visting my blog dear.. <3

  4. Another fellow hijabi, I see :) Your blog is very nice. That seems like a nice event, but I'm sorry you felt like you missed out on the intimacy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you darl..

      You have a great blog ^^ I Love it <3

      thank you for visiting my blog.. :)