Monday, April 2, 2012

Mada Foe's Giveaway

Yeeeaayy.. Mada Foe's Blog (White lotus : Beauty On Budget) has reached 100 followers.. :o
Congratulations Mada ^^......
That's why she is making a Giveaway contest for celebrating it ..
The Prize is :
What you should do are
1. Follow Her blog
2. Make Post about her giveaway on your blog. On your Post blog, explain about why you love her blog and why do you want the pallet.
3. Link it back to her (don't forget to put your email address , in case you win)

SO simple, huh ? ^^

I love her blog. because she shares every things she sees, feels, and knows. She is completely honest about every things.. ^^ I have learnt a lot from her blog.. ^^ Thank you Mada ...

This Pallet from ELF (eyes lips face) has many colours in one pallet! I've never tried any product from elf, so I don't know how good this pallet is. But, I've read the review about elf from many beauty blogs, and they said it's worth to buy. I really want this pallet, unfortunately I have no budget to buy it. >.< Frankly, I'm saving my money to buy an eye shadow pallet. But as long as I can get it free, why not? hahahha.. Thanks for the opportunity  Mada...

wanna join the giveaway.. just klik here


  1. LOL, i feel you dear....
    Thank you for the compliment

    1. It's true dear.. ^^

      I hope you will always success in everything <3

      thank you for coming to my blog ^^