Thursday, April 19, 2012

Event : Looxclass One Day Make Up Class

Hola Chica...
Last saturday, 14th of april, I joined an event that was hold by Looxperiments ..

What is Looxperiments? Looxperiments is an awesome beauty blog. They shared everything they know about beauty. Their tutorial is quite simple, so that we can easily follow it .. :)

Back to the topic.....
So, because I'm not the expert and I'm still learning about make up, it makes me so eager to come to this make up class..
The fee for this class make up was Rp250.000 .. One thing that came in my mind was "pricey".. (-_-")
But...... I convinced myself that it would be worth it.. ^^

Then, my opinion about this class is ...

Why ?
hmmm.. Let's start with what I got from Rp 250.000

what I've got
From the fee, I got a packet of brushes, fake eyelashes, sponge and sponge for powder ^^
and also I got Lunch and free voucher Rp100.000,- from Viena fair Indonesia :)

The Brushes
What else did I get?
A new friends, Tips and tricks, knowledge and much more ....
I really had a good weekend! ^^

This Looxclass was held at  Warung Garem Garem Family Kitchen .. It was a cozy place for having chit chat with friends. Looxperiments really picked a good place for the class..^^

ok then, I will tell you about the class...
this class began at 10 am... there were 13 participants, including me..
There were 2 sections..
First class was a make up class that was brought by Angela Devina/Vina  (@Akanebina) .. She was so cute and friendly ^^ By the way the themed of this make up class was Party Make Up......
She explained about the function of the brushes and then about the steps that we should take if we want to have a pretty make up :)
she also explained about how to pick a good foundation that match with our skin.. yeaaayyy....
She told us many things! I loved it ... ^^

Here are some pictures that I took from Looxperiments
Devina gave us example

I was trying to blush my chubby cheek >.<

We can also try Naked Pallet :o
Before we had a lunch.. there were door prizes from Viena Fair Indonesia (worth Rp 200.000) and my friend Rahmi got the door prize !! Congratulation dear!! ^^

The winner
Fyi, My friend Rahmi was the one who also got the door prize from Sariayu! How Lucky you are dear ^^

after we had lunch...
second section was hair do. The tutor was Lidya Agusfri (@just_lidya) .. She was a funny woman! I like her simile ^^

Lidya was giving example to us
I was so seriously following the tutorial from Lidya 
the result was :
taken by Rahmi
Don't talk about it... I know.. yeah I know.. I was failed  >.< It was soooo messy... I think I have to practice more.. (-_-")

Everybody was having fun at that time... we helped each other .. like this pictures below (I took it from  Looxperiments) ...

They looked so happy right.. ^^

Here are some of my pictures :p



I tried to look sexy and failed ! >.<

taken by Rahmi
Overall.. I love this class.. but unfortunately there was just one hair do that Lidya taught us.. I thought  it would be 3 or five 5.. hahahaha >.<

If they held this class again .. I will absolutely join it .. :D
I'm waiting for it ....
Thank you Looxperiments ..
I've learnt much from you :)

Last Picture :D

Do you want to see more pictures ?



  1. huahhh, kepingin brushnya. ngiler ihh.
    sayangnya tgl 14 kmrn memang ada acara keluarga
    brushnya bagus sist?

    1. wah .. kalo nggak kita bisa ktmu tuh..
      kopdar jadi nya :p
      Iya sis, di kirain di kasih brush nya yang kecil..
      ternyata 12 brushes .. :o
      rada kasar sih bulunya..
      tapi untuk ukuran gratisan lumayan sist.. (mental mahasiswa) hohoho..

      makasih udah mampir say..

  2. awwww... Suka sekali review-nya. Thank u yak :)

    Tiap kelas memang cuma bisa ngasih 1 materi makeup + 1 materi hairdo, kalo banyak nanti kita malah nginep di Garem-Garem :)) Makanya nanti jangan lupa ikutan lagi kelas berikutnya, kita kasih materi hairdo yg lain lagi deh.

    1. huaahh.. di baca ama ci lidya.. hihi.. *blushing*
      sama-sama cii.. emang memuaskan kok acaranya :p

      ntar ikutan lagi kelas berikutnya..
      gak sabaran niihh.. :)

      makasih cii udah mampir ke blog aku ^^