Thursday, April 12, 2012

BB Cream + Review

Who doesn't know BB Cream? Hmm.. Some of my friends don't know what is BB cream... Is it a Brand or what? At first, I used to be like them. I thought BB Cream was a cream that was called BB.. (-.-")
Luckily, I read some Blog that made me know about BB cream.. ^^
So, I hope this post, will help some of my readers to understand what BB cream is ..
BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream. It was used to protect skin after laser surgery, while also providing coverage (wikipedia).

What are the differences between BB Cream and  foundation
If we just take a glance at BB cream and foundation, we will hardly to identify the differences.. Both of them looked similar to me, but in fact, they are so different!
The main difference between BB cream and the foundation is the function itself !
The foundation is usually used for covering the black spot, acne, and etc, while BB cream does not only covers the black spot but also heals it.

What are the functions of BB cream ?
1. As an essential cream..
2. Shrinking the pores
3. Soften the skin
4. As a sunscreen, protecting skin from UV  rays that cause black spots on the face
5. As a Foundation..

The conclusion
BB Cream = Foundation + Concealer + (Natural Makeup) + Moisturiser + Oil Control + Healing + Properties (Skin Regeneration, Pore Tightening, Skin Toning) + Optional Feature (Anti-Wrinkle/Brightening/Whitening)

So, if you don't like heavy make up... I recommend you to use BB Cream.. Here are some of BB Cream brands that are used by some Beauty Bloggers :
1. Missa ..
2. Etude ..
3. Skinfood ..
4. BRTC ...
5. Suho
6. Beviphat
you can see the review of the products (1-6) from a Blogger that inspires me mylovelysister
7. Maybelline ... Review Looxperiments

I also want to make a review about Magic BB Cream from Silky Girl..

The Packaging

Description of the packaging :
- oil free
- Brightening powder
- Highly moisturizing with Hyaluronic acid & Vitamin E Derivatives
- Protects skin from UVA with PA + + & UVB with SPF25
- Oil-free, fragrance-free & non-comedogenic

Inside the cap

with flash
without flash 
I blend it slightly :
with flash
without Flash

 Just a little cream can cover half of my hand ^^

Without flash

With Flash
When I really blended it well, it had the same color with my skin tone.. But If I took a pict with flash, it became too bright on my hand.. >.<

What I like :
1. It's Affordable
2. Travel Friendly
3. It came with cute tube
4. Fragrance Free
5. It suits for me who doesn't like heavy make up
6. No Break out
7. Moisturize my face
8. Easy to blend
9. Has SPF 25 + +

I Hate : 
1. Not good coverage
2. It's not good for photo section, my face become so pale and bright when I took pict with flash >.<
3. It's lack of staying power

Price &Where :
The price is about Rp 55.000,- ($5)
You can buy it at (if you are in Bandung) Ciwalk, IP, and Mahmud

No, I want to try another BB Cream :)

It's said that, it can make your skin brighter, non-comedogenic and more youthful.. I can't said whether it's true or not. because I've only use it for 2 times.. :p So, I Still do not know about it yet..
How about you, Chica? Have you tried it for a long time? Is it true or not?
Share your experiences in a comment box below...



  1. coba pake yg lain dear
    yg jelas, kenali kulit sendiri dulu,, bru cari bb cream nya <3
    mahal dikit gpapa, yg penting kualitasnya ok :*

    stay beauty,

    1. iya say..
      ini lagi nyari..
      kemaren sih udah nyobain suho sih..
      tapi mau coba dulu yang lain.. >.<

      blog kamu bagus say..
      aku udah follow kamu ^^

      thanks for visiting my blog darl..

  2. I'll share my experience :) *I'm a noob with BB Cream too*

    If it becomes too bright by the camera flash, you should pay more attention towards the BB Shade - or the amount of the cream when apply it to your face (if it's not working, then it's usually the shade), my experience is , you should take a bit darker color - now I'm fine with natural shade (I use missha currently), bit darker, but it does fine with the camera flash.

    1. :o

      Yeah dear..
      I think i will find another BB Cream..
      The shade of this BB Cream is not good for me..
      I will try missha by the way..

      Thank you for sharing your experience..
      It means a lot for me..