Monday, April 16, 2012

My April Mini Haul

Hai My dear Chica..
Yesterday, I bought some products that took my attention a lot !
Here are the products...

My mini Haul

1. La Fonte, Soup Makaroni Sayuran
I love Spaghetti form La Fonte.. It's so delicious !!!.. That's why i want to try another product from La Fonte..
It looks yummy.. I will tell you next, after I cook it.. ^^
2. Hair Mask from ellips (hair Treatment)
Maybe some of you have ever heard about Ellips.. Yeah, it's Vitamin for our hair. It's a new product from Ellips !! ... hoho.. I will try it as soon as possible and give you a review about it :D
3. Nu face
I took it because it was new thing to me.. (-_-") so I want to try it >.<
4. The last one was a cute box..
hahahaha.. It's not just a cute box... wanna know about it?
I will give you a review about this.. ^^

oh yaa.. I forget to mention the red dress..
here is a pict of my new dress :)

and here is a review about the cute box ^^
Yesterday, when I was looking for Instant noodles, accidentally I looked at this cute box.. I was so curious.. so I took it.. and looked it closer..
and I didn't believe it! It was bla bla bla box.. hahahaha
Do you want to know about it ? (*_*)

The Box
yup, It's from Sugar Group Companies...
can you guess it ? >.<
The side of the box
The other side of the box
ehhhmm.. I think you already know now... >.<
Yuuup.. It's Sugar Sticks Box! ^^

It's cute, right? right?
(I think I failed to surprise you after all >.<)
I think it's cute... hihihi.. I couldn't hold myself not to buy it! look, how cute this box is.. :p

Top of the box

Inside of the box
when I opened this box, I screamed "sugoiiiiiiiiii" (fyi, sugoi is the japanese language which means amazing) It's like a rainbow! full of colours... and I love it so much..
then I thought "How could I use it when it looks so cute like that?" Then I decided it goes to my collection items.. >.<

Here are the colours of the sugar sticks..

It's pink, orange, yellow, Green and blue.... Just like a rainbow.. :D
The weight of each stick is 8g. There are 75 sticks/sachets in this box..

I think I will purchase another design of it, if there's any.. :D

what do you think about this box ?
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  1. That box is in my house too! LOL. It's so irresistible. It can be builded like a little café with pink-white roof. :D

    I know there's also another design of Gulaku's box. The other one pictured a cartoon of Thailand girl in traditional costume. Looks more colourful than the Paris-Themed one. :D

    1. oh really? I just knew it a couple of days ago...
      Is it new product?

      hihi.. I will buy the other one.. :p

      thank you for the information beib.. <3

  2. Ahh that box is adorable, definitely too cute to use! x

    1. yes beib,,
      i will not use it..

      thank you for visiting my blog <3

  3. I'm a Portuguese collector of sugar packets; would you like to exchange with me? My e-mail -