Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hand and Body Lotion (+review)

Hai my dear Chica.. ^^
This post is for my lovely friend in Batam (my Hometown)^^. It's really my pleasure to answer her request about hand and body lotion.. I hope it will be useful for you, Veny, and for all my readers.. ^^

Batam city is surrounded by beach, that's why the temperature is always hot, I mean not always, but most of the time.. For you who live at the Hot-temperature place, like Batam or Jakarta, it's important for us to keep our skin healthy and moist.

The Hand and Body lotion is one of the solutions. ^^ Why? Because Lotion have many benefits for us. Here are the benefits of lotion :
1. Re-hydrate dried skin
2. Replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin.
3. Smooth calluses
4. Feel and smell good
5. Help yourself relax
6. Soften the roughest parts of your body
7. Make your skin soft
                                     (source : lifescript )

We have to be careful in choosing hand and body lotion. here are some tips from me
1. Know your skin type.
To choose hand and body lotion you have to know your skin type. If you have a dry skin, you have to find the lotion that give an extra moisturizer. It will keep your skin moist. If you have an oily skin, try a light lotion. This light lotion will not clog your pores. For Sensitive skin, I recommend you to choose baby lotion.
2. Know what you need. If  you want to moisturize your skin, choose the lotion that just do that, but you can also choose for example, the combination of moisturizer and anti-aging lotion that can make your skin moist and fresh. If you want to protect your skin from sunburn, you have to choose the lotion that has the UV protection (SPF 15 minimum).
3. Don't forget to see the ingredients before you make up your mind. It's important for you who have sensitive skin. Some lotions contain the ingredients that are not suitable for the sensitive skin. (Source)

I will make a review of some products from Citra that I have ^^

1. Citra Lasting Glow Mangir Jawa & Minyak Zaitun
It's said that this lotion will make your skin soft and glowing. I don't know whether it's true or not. >,< I just know that it doesn't smell pretty good (my friends said it was good >.< it depends on your taste, though) and it's true that it can make my skin softer. This Lotion is suitable with dry skin, because it's more oily than the others

2. Citra Spotless White UV Beras Jepang & Minyak Bunga Camelia
This Japanese Rice is rich with antioxidant! ^^ Moreover it has UV protection.. It's perfect for you who lives at Hot temperature place. I like the scent of this product. ^^ I use this a lot since it can make my skin moisture. And I hope it can lessen my black spots on my body .. >.<
Left : Citra Lasting Glow Mangir Jawa & Minyak Zaitun
Right : Citra Spotless White UV Beras Jepang & Minyak Bungan Camelia 

Left : Citra Lasting Glow Mangir Jawa & Minyak Zaitun
Right : Citra Spotless White UV Beras Jepang & Minyak Bungan Camelia 

3. Citra Fresh Radiance Teh Hijau Jepang
I love this lotion !! It smells so fresh.. ^^ It is suitable with Normal skin. It absorbs into the skin so quickly. This lotion is so light. It keeps your skin healthy, fresh, and glow....

4. Citra Pearly White UV Bubuk Mutiara Cina
I just bought this lotion. It has  UV protection (UVA and UVB). The smell is so soft, you will like it. What i love is after you apply it on your skin, you will see the sparkle on it, just like a pearl ( I don't know how to explain it -.-" ). You're gonna love it Chica!

How to use the lotion properly :
1. Pour the lotion little by little.
2. Slowly, apply it on your hand, rub it with circle motion.. Don't forget to massage your skin while you apply it.
3. For your leg, apply it from your knee to the heel and the toe. You have to make sure that the lotion is applied to all part of your legs! especially on your toes and heels. Then, let it dry... ^^
4. Use the lotion on your palm. It will soften your cuticle.

Note :
- Use The lotion everyday after taking a bath
- Don't forget to use it before you sleep
- Drink mineral water 8 glasses everyday
- Choose the right lotion!

That's all about lotions.. ^^ I hope it will help you choose the right lotion. ^^


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