Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sariayu Mini Gathering

Hola Chica,....
on Last saturday, I was attending a mini gathering of Sariayu at BMC, Paris Van Java mall... ^^
It was so Fun !! It was from 10 am until 3 pm :o

I will share to you what i've got on that day :p
When I came to BMC, I was the second of the earlier-came-guest ( I was so excited that was why, I came early, hahaha :p)
I was Given a goodie bag from sariayu, yeeeaaayyyy...... (thank you Sariayu)
I met a new friend, Dewi, (she is the first guest who came early), she was so friendly ^^ when i was having chit chat with her,  some guests came to my table. They were Michelle, Rahmi, and Mbak Iis.. They were sooooo friendly ! Seriously.. >.<
a couple minutes later,, The officials began the gathering..... and the first gathering I attended begaaaann......

It was opened by beautiful MC who gave the Welcoming words ..
Beautiful MC
After a few words from the speaker, We were let to introduce ourselves ... ^^
I was so happy to know others that have the same hobby like me.

Smart Mentor
explaination about toxin
after we knew each other, the speaker explained about skin type.. (me : Dry) >.<
I Learned about how to massage your face correctly, and about weekly skin care.. So that we could do facial treatment by ourselves without went to Salon anymore.. wohoooo..

How do I Look? >.<
My skin face was so fresh and felt Younger hahahahah..
Sariayu Pellet
Team of Sariayu lent us this pellet, so that we could be more beautiful .. ^^
and here came the lunch timeee...
Lunch ^^

My Friends
My table got a door prize!! yeeayyy.. >.<

My Friend, Rahmi, got a door prize !!! here is the door prize :

Looked great, huh ? ^^
Congratulations Rahmi.... :)

The Goodie Bag From Sariayu :)

It was such a great weekend for me..
I learned many things about beauty... ^^

Wanna join another mini gathering of sariayu?
Follow the twitter : @sariayu_MT

Next Post will be about Beauty Class from Wardah and Halal Corner
Stay Tune.. :p

Thanks for visiting to my blog <3


  1. Wahh ada foto akyuu..nice report Fin :D

    1. hahaha...
      iya doong.. kan kit se meja :)

      makasih syg..

      mpe ketmu tgl 14 yaaahhh <3

  2. Replies
    1. wahh.. kenal ama michelle?
      dia semeja ama aku say .. ^^

    2. dia cuma tmn d fb sih, kl ketemu blm pernah, secara diriku di indramayu, hohoho.
      michelle skrg kerja di batam katanya.

      salam kenal aja ya. blognya banyak review ttg make up, daku msh awam ttg make up. ^_^

    3. ooohhh...
      aku juga baru kenal di gathering itu :p
      dia sekarang di batam.. hometown ku.. hihih..

      salam kenal juga.. ^^
      aku juga masih awam tntg make up ..
      kita sama-sama belajar..

  3. oooh, asli batam. tambah teman lagi nih. :D

    1. iya sli batam..
      seneng punya temen baru :)