Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review : Sariayu Putih Langsat Two Way Cake

Hoy hoy Chica..
How's your day? I hope you are doing fine..
At this boring time, I would like to write my opinion about Sariayu products in my lovely blog.. ^^

For Indonesian people, Sariayu products are pretty common. It is suitable with Asian facial skin tone, but it's also possible for International people if you want to try it. ^^

"A perfect combination of foundation and powder. Helps to conceal spots on the face as well as provide perfect make up, gentle, and long lasting. Enriched with Langsat fruit extract to make skin looks naturally fairer as Asian skin complexion" You can read that on the box

Extra Benefits:
- Sandalwood Essential oil for energizing effect
- Sunscreen
- Moisturizer

The Box
The back of the box
On The back of the box, there are explanations about the product and the benefits of it (I've wrote it for you before, so you can read it easily ^^)
The ingredients
The packaging
Back or Bottom of the packaging

It explains about the type of the product, number of POM and the expired date! ^^

There is a plastic cover on the powder, so it is more hygienic. ^^ It also has a sponge and mirror inside the packaging.. yeeayy.. *Especially the mirror is pretty big* :p

Without Flash

With Flash

What I love :
- It smells good.. I love it..
- It's travel-friendly. I bring it everywhere i go... :D
- Easy to blend with my skin..
- I don't need to touch up every hours
- Affordable
- Has a good coverage (bye bye black spot) ^.^

Hate :
It makes my face so pale, but fresh. ( I don't know how to explain it)

Price and Where :
Normally, This powder is about Rp. 26.000. but because I bought it when it was discounted It became Rp. 18k ^^
You can buy it at Mahmud,  Yogya, and Marta Tilaar' Counter

Re-purchase ?
For now, I want to buy others powder. I want to compare them with this powder but if there are no powders that have benefits like it, i absolutely buy it again,, ^^

Have you tried it? Give me a comment! ^^

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