Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hair and Face Treatment

Hai hai chica.. ^^
It's Sunday.. I have been busy Pampering my Hair and face .. ^^ and I can not resist myself to not telling you about it. I used Makarizo Hair Energy Anti Aging Creambath with ALOE VERA for Normal Hair, and Masker from Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Masker.

The Spoiler
(I Used My Blackberry's Camera >.<)
I bought Makarizo Hair Energy last night because I was curious with the label on the packaging "Anti Aging". The first question that appeared in my mind was "Aging process in hair?" did you know it? I just knew that! This Aging can be caused by external factor, like polution, usage of hair dryer and also chemical products.

The signs of the aging of the hair are hair looks even thinner, dull, drenched, coarse, and hard to manage. Have you ever felt that? I Felt it ! :( (you can read all the information on the back of the packaging.

How to use it :

  1. Wash your hair with Shampoo
  2. apply Hair Energy Creambath throughout the hair evenly, then massage your head about 5 minutes.
  3. rinse your hair
  4. Let it dry
I used it when i took a bath. I recommend to brush your hair before you take a bath. it will reduce the hair fall. 

the cream was so soft, almost like conditioner but it was thicker. and it smelled so good. :) It was easy to apply on my hair, although my hair was pretty long.
1 sachet was 60gr. I think i used it too much (my first experience in using this cream >.<) because 1 sachet for two times usage (for long and medium hair). For short hair one sachet can be used untill 3 times. Pretty cheap huh?!  ^^

While i was waiting my hair to dry, i used masker from Mustika Ratu.
this masker can be used for cooling and soothing your skin face, whitening, and cleaning black spot. :)

My face was ready to be masked!

 i recommend you, chica, to use masker brush and small bowl ! if you don't want your hands dirty like i did >.<
My face using masker
When, i was using this masker,  my skin face felt so cool. ^^ I let it dry, it took 10 untill 15 minutes. Then i washed my face with warm water. and Voilaaaa..
 I felt my face skin so fresh.. and my hair too ^^

my long hari ^^
What I love from Makarizo:
1. It's affordable. Moreover, it can be used for 2 times..
2. It smell GOOD! untill next 3 or 4 hours ! ^^
3. the packaging is lovely
4. make my hair so fresh and soft
5. Easy to be used

Hate :
nope! i love it!

Price & Where :
a Sachet 60gr for idr 10k-11k
I bought it at Yogya store
I think almost supermarket have it ^^

Re-purchase ?
YUP! Absolutely YES!

What I love from Mustika Ratu, bengkoang Mask
1. the packaging looks so traditional
2. cooling and soothing my face ^^
3. it makes my dull face become fresher
4. it makes my skin face smoother

Hate :

Price & Where :
a tube 60g for idr 10k-20k
you can buy it at drug store and supermarket. ^^

i will buy it again.. :)


  1. hi ^^ nice review :D
    mau tny yg masker bengkoang mengandung alkohol kah?

    1. Makasih say..

      di labelnya ga ada tulisan alcoholnya say, aman buat pemakaian dalam jangka waktu panjang kok.. coba deh ^^

  2. Masker mustika ratu emang oke banget! Ini juga masker wajib buat kita ^^

    thanks for the review ya :)

    1. Banget ok nya say.. :p
      waah.. berarti kita sependapat .. hihihi^^

      you are very welcome beib..^^

  3. nice blog sistaaa....... aku pake yg makarizo royal jelly,,,emg wangiii bangett.....
    followed,,,pls follow me back tq ^^

    1. Iyaahh.. hihihi.. aku jadi pake tiap minggu.. :p

      makasih say.. blog kamu juga bagus..
      udah di follow yaa.. ^^

      makasih udah mampir ke blog aku <3