Sunday, March 18, 2012

My New Stuffs

Hola Chica.. ^^
How's your weekend?
Me?, I spent my saturday for hunting Heels that i wanted .. I've saved my money for a month to buy this shoes..
and i got it Chica.. ^^ I love it so much.. Wohooo.. But, It's not all, i got a new bag too.. and it's not too expensive.. It's so affordable for you who like me, a student. >.<

My Bought Stuff

Like common women, you can hold your eyes to discounted things! I bought Sariayu Two Way Cake because it was discounted for 30%! yippie.. it's not too much but yeah it's keep my money save.. >.< the other things that i bought were eyeliner Silky girl ( I bought it because it's cheap and cute) and two Makarizo Hair Energy..

The price list :
Green Heels (Charles & Keith) : Rp 479k ( discount : 20%) I pay for Rp 379k
Bag ( bought it at Payless Store : Rp 100k
Hair Energy Makarizo (bought at Yogya store) : 1 pieces for Rp 11k
Eyeliner Silky Girl (bought at Matahari Store) : Rp 40k
Two Way Cake Sariayu (bought at Yogya store) : Rp 26k (discount: 30%) I pay it for Rp18k

I hope i can review all my stuff as soon as possible.. ^^
How about your weekend? Tell me at the comment box below
I hope all of you have a nice weekend like i did.. :)


  1. org jogja ya sis?? hehe

    1. Bukan say.. knpa gtu? :)
      kamu org jogja?

  2. Jadi sadar udah lama gk shopping, hihihihi...