Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review : Silky Girl Double Intense Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Hola Chica..
Before i go to work, I wanna talk about eyeliner that i bought last sunday.. ^^
I love eyeliner, bacause it can make my eyes look bigger.. ^^ my first make up equipment that i had was eyeliner, eventhough I didn't know how to use it. I used pencil eyeliner (so smudging) and then the liquid one, but it was difficult for me. So now, i would like to try the Gel eyeliner from silky girl..

the box

It's small, and cute, huh? ^^

instructions at the box
on the box, we can see the explanation of the packaging of the gel eyeliner. it explains the components, and how to use it.

the inside
this is the eyeliner.. :p the first thought that came to my mind was "how cute!" >.<

The bottom
yup, I bought the pure black,(also available in brown). I never use other colours beside black for eyeliner. I will try other colours though, in some other times,, ^^

the components
it's a bit messy inside >.< 
the small applicator is so easy to use. It's really useful! it helps me draw my line so good.. the cap itself is the handle for the applicator. Yup, the applicator is attached to the cap. (like the picture below).

the applicator

the swatch 
It's matte black! so pigmented.. ^^ the cream is really smooth and easy to apply on my eyes. But, I have to take a few seconds to dry it. My suggestion for those who have oily eyelids (like me), use eye primer or powder before apply the liner to avoid the smudging or panda's eyes.

Tested under running water

one time swabbed

two time swabbed

couple of times swabbed till it's gone
What I love :
1. It's affordable,
2. easy to apply (recommended for beginner)
3. has a good applicator
4. simple packaging, efficient and cute design (absolutely suitable for travelling)
5. Matte Black ! (i love black *.*)
6. Pigmented

Hate :
It's smudging if i don't use eye primer.

Price & Where :
Rp. 40.000,- ($4)
you can buy it at Matahari, Mahmud, and Watson

Michelle phan said that gel eyeliner could be warmed by hairdryer (klik here). Although, i've never tried it before, but it's worth to try.. ^^ If you want to see others opinion about this eyeliner you can open beauty blogger like Jade Isabelle, and Looxperiments.

How about you, chica? Tell me ! ^^

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