Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review : PAC Loose Powder

Hola Chica..
I'm gonna review the PAC Loose Powder from Martha Tilaar. This is my first Loose Powder. ^^
Why did I choose PAC?
Some people say that PAC is good for skin face. And it is made in Indonesiaaa.. ^^

I love the packaging ! It's black! I love Black.... :p hohoho.. it looks so elegent. But Unfortunately, It's too big. I rarely bring it everywhere. :(

*the packaging*

*the Bottom*
 I asked the SPG, "what is the colour that match with my skin tone?" and she gave me this. "This is the natural one" then I picked this.. I didn't understand it well at that time >.<

*the thickness*
 Look at that size! It's too big for me.. :(

*the Inside*

*the Powder*
You can open and close the inner cover ^^ I hope it can be refilled. hohohoho 

Apply on my hand

*with Blits*

*without blits*
My Opinion
1. I've used it almost 3 months now, and i don't like it too much. Because, I have to touch up my face, every 2 hours.. >.<
2. the sponge is too thin
3. it blends well with my skin, but you have to apply it a couple of times to get a great result.
4. It looks so natural on my face

The Price
It is not too expensive for me as student.. >.<
85.000-103.000 (8$-10$)
I bought it at Mahmud for 85.000.
if you buy it at the PAC store, it costs 103.000

Where to Buy
For Chica who stays in bandung you can get it at
1. Mahmud
2. Yogya store (JL. Sunda)

For online : Here

Have you tried it before Chica? Tell me your opinion about it .. :)


  1. aku juga punya ini, nomer 3 juga.. tapi menurutku terlalu gelap warnanya untuk disebut natural..hehehe..

    1. SPG nya bilang gtu.. dan karna masih lugu dan belum tau apa-apa percaya aja deh jadi nyaa..

      Makasih yah udah comment :3