Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rumah Cantik Citra

Hai Chica..
It's weekend time ^^
I spent my weekend by pampering my body at Rumah Cantik Citra. Yeeeaayy!! In there, you could choose some signature-treatment by buying citra product. 
*the price*

By buying Citra product, and you will get free hand spa, foot spa, face massage, back massage, Body massage + citra bath, and Body Scurb + Citra bath..

*the product*

This weekend i chose Body massage. ^^ So I bought 2 Hand and Body Lotion Fresh and Radiance and 1 Body Wash Fresh Radiance.
*they look so beautiful >.<*

*waiting room*
I love this waiting room. The pink colour is so amazing. I love taking picture on that sofa ^^ waiting was no longer boring when i sat on that sofa.. you should try it chica^^.. My name was called. Time to entered the massage room. Because, i went there with my sister, we took room for double.

*foot spa*
we got foot spa before massage.. It made my foot so relaxed. ^^ After that we were ready to be massaged by the terapist.. wohooo.. It's Happy time for my body..
*taking from the Mirror*

I couldn't take more picture, i was so busy enjoying the massage :p The massage took 30 minutes and 15 minutes for Citra Bath. ^^ 
*ginger tea*

after Citra Bath, The ginger tea ( you can choose, ginger tea or green tea) have been served on the bed. I felt so Fresh!

*the garden*

*praying room*

*Back-massage room*

*foot-spa room*

*me without make up*

I really had great time this weeked. How about you Chica? 


  1. Looks like a nice, relaxing time with your sister :)
    Wow, that waiting room is super cute!

    1. yes, beib. it was so fun relaxing with her.. ^^
      that is the cutest waiting room i've ever seen..

  2. wow :D :D
    ini di jkt ya?
    rumah cantik citra yg di sby ngga segede dan ga sebagus ini >,<
    nice post ^^

    1. ini di bandung say..
      katanya juga baru pindah..

      thank you beib, you have a nice post too :)

  3. wihh keren tempatnya :) jadi pengen nyobain :DD