Friday, March 23, 2012

Basic Tools for beginner

Hola Chica,.
Have you ever confused about what tools that we must have for beginner?.. I have! even now, i'm still learning to know about the tools. Especially the brushes. I've seen many types of brush, and i'm still confused.. -_- I have to google it to learn all kind of brushes,,
First side

Second side
(the pictures were taken from Sigma)

The total of brushes in the picture are 29 brushes! do you have any idea what are the brusher for? Me? hmmm.. I'm still learning.. :p You can see those function of brushes at here.

In this post, I will not explain all of those brushes! I just want to share my little knowledge about basic brushes. I think, all beginners (like me) have to know the basic brush, right? And also I will tell you about the other basic tools.

1. Foundation
The first time I used foundation, I applied it with my hand. I did not know that foundation had its own brush!... until, I watched a video in You Tube which was made by Michelle phan.

Foundation Brush
This flat brush can blend the foundation with your facial skin well, without using your hand. (when you use your hands, you can transfer the bacteria in your hands along with the foundation to your facial skin, pretty horrible huh??  >.< )
You can also use sponge (like in Spongebob :D ) to blend the foundation well. Almost all of my friends use sponge to apply the foundation.


2. Concealer
Concealer brush is one of "the must have" items, even though some products may give you the applicator. Why?... because concealer brush can really help you to blend concealer well. By using concealer brush, you can apply the concealer to a small area like, for example, concealing the acne.

Concealer Brush
3. Powder and Blush Brush
At first, It was hard to tell which one is the Powder brush and which is the Blush brush. Both of them  looked the same for me. But, now I know One thing that differs them! The Powder brush is bigger than Blush brush.... (-_-') that's all i can think of, sorry if i can't help you better >.<
Powder Brush

Blush Brush
But, some brushes can be both powder and blush brush at the same time.. ^^

4. Eye Brush
There are so many brushes for eyes. The basic one that you must have is shader brush.

You can learn all the brushes for eyes from Looxperiment. You will learn more about eye brush.

5. Lash and Brow Brush
The brow brush is used for fixing up the shape of your eye brows. Lash brush can separate the stick-to-each-other lashes because of the usage of mascara, therefore makes our eye lashes look natural.
Lash and Brow Brush

6. Lash Curler
For you Chica who loves using mascara, this is a "must" items. It's for curling your eyelashes.
Lash Curler
6. Cotton Bud
It's one of my "must" basic tools. I always make mistakes when using eyeliner, and by using the cotton bud, I can make correction about it or remove it without ruin my others make up.

That's all the Basic tools for beginner that you must have, according to my opinion. I hope it can help you to decide which tools you must have when you are a beginner like me ^^
For other information, you can also click Michelle phan.

Note : All Picture were taken from Sigma and Makeuptoolshop