Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's a long long weekend

hai hai Chica ^^
I really want to share my outfit and my make up before i go to Ciwalk with my boyfie.
It's my first time, I go out with full make up. ^^
Here are my first go-out-make-up with my boyfie

I Conceal my acne with the sign >.<
uhhgg,, I don't have any camera digital, I took this pict with my boyfie's camera. I hope I can buy camdig, so I can give you a better pict. (Please, wish me luck)^^

Different lightning
Fact : This is the result of my fifth try...  (note that i used to need more times to even made it) >.<

Face : Suho BB Cream, Sariayu two way cake powder
Eyes : No eye base! Silky Girl Smokey charm, Silky girl Gel eyeliner, Oriflame Mascara
Eye Brows : Oriflame Mascara
Lips : Skin Food Apple can Multi Blusher
Blus : Skin Food Candy Moist Rough

My appearance from distance 
Look at my acne.. >,< uuuhhhg.. It's ruining my date! (-_-")

closer look
Even though, It is a failure, but my boyfie said "It looks just fine",, that is why I'm so confidence wearing my failed make up.. ^.^

My hair style
Hoho.. I don't know what style this style is called. It is inspired by the character Carly in Transformer Movies .. :p

Too White :(
By the way.. Do you see my heels and my bag? Yup.. that's my new stuff that I've told you before. (Here)

I'm ready to gooo.. Yipiie.. ^^

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