Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review : Part II NYX Haute Jersey Swatch

Hello ladieeesss..
This is my part II review about NYX Haute Jersey ^^
If you haven't read the part 1 just click it (part one)

Straight to the point..
Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows ^^

The first top eyeshadows ^^

From top to Bottom A, B and C
From Left to right 1,2,3 and 4

Like I said before I love the brown one and the gold one,.
Can you see it ? C3 and C4?
Is it nice right, right? >,<

The Bottom of eyeshadow.. ^^

From top to Bottom A, B and C
From Left to right 1,2,3 and 4

All Colour
Take a closer Look
(sorry for my disturbing hair of my hand >.<)

Love the pink and the blue ^^
Almost all of the eyeshadows are shimmery.. as long as I've been using it, the only one which have a matte finish is the brown one.
it's really powdery, so you have to be careful when you use it.
Some of the shadows are pigmented, but some of them are not.
I recommend you to use an eye based!
It will make your eyeshadows last longer ...

Next PAGE !!!!

The Bronzers
This Palette has 4 Bronzers.. It has different shade from light, medium and dark shade.
But, Frankly I just use it as a contour! it really makes my face look slimmer :p
FYI, these bronzers are really pigmented! so, use it little by little, otherwise you'll ruin your make up >,<

This bronzer is so shimmery.. it has to be applied couple of times to get the colour that you want :)

Blush on
These blush on are also really pigmented! I have to be careful when using it.. >,<

The last one is The Lip Colour ..
It's really creamy..
But, this lip colour doesn't stay long on my lips..

lip colour
What do you think?? ^^
I love it so much..

What I love :
1. It's in my wish list >.<
2. The packaging is really cute!
3. It has many bronzers ^^
4. The Bronzers and the Blushes are really pigmanted..
5. It has two mirrors.. Both of them are big enough for you who love mirrors :p
6. The eyeshadows! yup, I love the shade of these eyeshadows.. >.< Gold, Brown, Black, and etc (*.*)

What I hate :
1. it doesn't have a blush applicator (-_-")
2. Some of eyeshadows are not pigmented..
3. The eyeshadows are powdery :(
4. It's hard to find in Indonesia

Where and Price :
I buy from Online Shop "Rhapsodythings Shop"
Price : $27 ^^

Will I buy this again ?
 hmm hmm.. I don't think so.. It takes a long time to spend all of it.. >.<

Thank for reading my Blog..
see you Soon Chicaaa :*


  1. waaw fina panjang nian yaa nge swatch e/s nya buanyaak!!

    tertarik ama dark shadow ga fin?? hhi.

    lipstiknya cakepsss fin,,
    itu apa c fin??xtreme cream gtu yaa?? cakeps di kamuuh. :*

    1. hahaha.. harus banyak bebihh..
      supaya jelas dan okeh.. :p

      tertarik banget.. pengen beli..
      tapi lagi ngumpulin duit..
      buat beli sesuatu >.<

      itu kayaknya lip cream..
      aku suka yang ke dua.. hihihi
      thank you bebih :*