Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review : Sariayu Whitening Mask

Hellooow Chica..
Do you usually use mask every week?
I always try to use mask 2 times in a week..
why ?
Because mask helps you to give a clean and smooth skin face.
It also gives vitamins to your face.. ^^
Mask really has so many benefits! So, if you want to have a nice skin in a natural way..
I really recommend you to use mask every week or at least once a month ^^

Ok, because of my old mask ran out, I bought a new one.
but I wanna try a new product from Sari Ayu Whitening Mask
here's a pict of the product

The product with me!
cannot lose my narcissism >.<

Closer Look
The packaging is so cute.. It's a combination between white and green
it makes it look fresher .. ^^
there is a Vectors of Hibiscus, since the mask has a hibiscus extract :)

"Tighten & Helps whiten the skin.
With Hibiscus extract & Pro Vit. B5"

It's written on the packaging. Is it true?
Let's find out!

The back of packaging

The Explanation about the product in Indonesian Language

Also it's written in English
Whitening Mask
All skin types
"Smoothens and tightens your skin. Hibiscus extract containing AHA and Vit. C effectively helps to whiten the skin. Vit. E acts as an antioxidant helping prevent your face from signs of early ageing. Pro Vit. B5 to moisturize the skin. Apply evenly to face and leave until dry. Remove with sponge/wet towel. Freshen up with Sari Ayu Whitening Freshener. Use Once a week"

"Purif, water, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Propylene, Glycol, Bentonite, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Polyvinyl, pyrolydone, Aluminium Hydroxide Gel, Cetyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide Micronice (2%), Chitin Liquid, Lactic Acid, Hibiscus Extract (5%), Pro Vit. B5, Phenoxyethanol, and Methyl-Ethyl-Prophyl-Butyl Parabean, Tocophenol Acetate, Fragrance, Methyl Parabean"

How can they hurt cute animals like these? >.<

took it from Google, >.< 
First I will show my face with make up ! >.<

Don't forget to remove all of your make up!
I use Ponds Cleansing Milk (for face) and Sari Ayu Mujisat Mata Kejora (for eyes and lip. I will make a review soon)..

After you are sure that your face is clean..
Apply the mask evenly..
Like I did ..

say U to the camera
>,<  Ok, I didn't apply it evenly (-_-") My Bad..
I've tried my best though
Usually it takes 15-20 minutes to dry..

while you are waiting my mask to dry you can see my nails ..
here is a picture when the mask was really dry..

Please, Do Not Laugh !!
Frankly, everytime I take a look at this picture I always laugh,,,
Gosh, I'm laughing at myself (-...-")

Back to the topic..
The mask really tighten my face! I can not move a muscle! even to make a smile..
I mean, I still could make a smile, but it would ruin my mask..
the mask will become harder after 5 minutes.
and your face will be hard to move >.<
By the way this mask has a lovely scent ! ^^

After I took a pict of this silly face, I removed the mask with warm wet towel..
After and before
Can you see the difference?
My face is fresher and whiter.. right ?
and what I felt was my face was so fresh and smooth..
I felt my face become clean and soft..
I'm in love <3

What I love :
1.  It has a fresh look packaging (green and white? nice combination!)
2. It has a lovely scent
3. Affordable!
4. It tightens & whitens my skin! (It has been proven by the before-after picture!)
5. It makes my face fresh, soft, and smooth
6. It has funny sensation when the mask become harder (I think it is just me who feels it >.<, How about you?)
7. It has many Vitamins ! Vitamin B5, Vit C and Vit E.. huooh .. it means that it moisturizes, whitens an prevents the aging ! >.<

What I Hate :

Where and Price :
I Bought it at Carrefour Paris Van Java in Bandung
It's around $2.6

Will I buy it again?
YES!! It is an item that I should have!

have you ever tried it?
Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading my blog



  1. hahaha.. lucuu ilustrasi tambahannya ^^
    nice review ;)


    1. hahaha...
      makasih vee..
      kemaren lagi iseng-iseng bikin lucu-lucuan..
      jadinya kayak gitu >.<

      makasih udah mampir beb :*

  2. wewww, dirimu cocok pakai masker itu Fin, ak engga *nangis*
    Sebenarnya ga cocok pakai masker apa saja yg bentuknya cream jadilah pakai yg bubuk.
    Memang kulit menyesuaikan dengan kantong, masker bubuk lebih murce. ahahaaa

    1. wah??
      gak cocok gmna kin?

      aku pernah beli yang cream bubuk..
      tapi ga bisa cara makenya -_-
      jadi aja sampai sekarang ga dipake-pake..

      biasa pake masker apa kalo bubuk?

  3. aku gak pernah coba ini, aku cobanya yg masker bengkoang mustika ratu :D
    kalau gak yg mustika ratu, ya viva :D


    1. Harus nyobaa beib..
      kalo mustika ratu pas kering nya ga sekeras ini..
      yang ini mah jadi keras banget..
      setelah nya jadi rada-rada kenyel gitu loh..

  4. nice review dear :) aku baru tau kalo ada produk ini *gak gaholl deh aku*
    main-main ke blogku juga ya dear


    1. makasih dear .. :)

      ini produk baru say .. ^^
      kemaren aja pas ditanya di carrefour mbak-mbak nya ga tau >.<

      blog kamu cute..
      pinkyy.. ^^

  5. wah, jadi penasaran, ntar dicoba ah xD
    makasi udah mampir2 blog ku ya beby <3


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