Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review : NYX Haute Jersey Leopard couture Part 1

Heloo Girls ^^
It has been a long time since my last post ..
I'm getting bored to explain why... because the answer will always be "I was busy", "I have so much things to do" or "I don't have any time" blablabla.. -_-
I'm so sorry my dear Chica..
But, believe me... I tried my best to make reviews ...
Yooossshhhh... \O/

by the way, do you know why I have been calling you "Chica"?
maybe the word doesn't sound familiar ..
Yup, It's a slang word !! (I love Slang words ^^)
"Chica" means a female friends ..
I think it's so cute to call you Chica, Right? (or is it just for me? -_-" )

Back to the main topic...
This is my Part 1 review about NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Couture Packaging.. ^^
there will be no Swatches in part 1!

Ok then..
I present to you my lovely diary .. ^^

I really love to take pictures of every details of the diary.. :p

The back of my baby Box <3
The details :

the ingredients of eyeshadow, blusher, Bronzer, Multi-Color Bronzer, and Lip Gloss 

The Bottom of the Box
Inside the Box :

It looks like my Blog address is imprinted on the diary, right???.. ^^
Love it...

My BABYYYY... <3
The shape of the Haute Jersey is like a Diary to me :)
Wanna see the inside appearance of my Diary ?

The first page are for eyeshadows and mirror..
also, it includes 4 applicators at the bottom of the eyeshadows...
I never used the applicators.. >,<
this book has 48 shades of eyeshadows
Between mirror and eyeshadows, there is a plastic.. It keeps the mirror clean

Wanna see more details ? ^^

I'm really in love with the colours found in this Book, especially the gold one and the brown one!
I also love Blue and Pink .. yeaayy..

the mirror
I think the mirror is big enough for me, and it's really clear..
and the words above the mirror said "who's the prettiest diva in the world?"
and NYX said "who cares? Have fun!"
who do you think the prettiest diva in the world??
move on to the next page

It also has a plastic on it.. ^^

Yup..  My lovely diary has 2 mirrors in  ^^
and absolutely YOU ARE the prettiest diva in the world !!!
Believe it and be fabulous ....
Last Page
On the last page, there are 4 bronzers, 2 blushers and 2 lipgloss..
Yummy right ?



  1. im planning to buy this one too, cant wait for the 2nd part!!! >.<

    Bronzers-nya yang bikin mupeng *0*


    1. huooohh.. you will never regret this product.. :p
      lagi diedit-edit poto part duanya..
      sabar menunggu yah..

      Iyaahh.. Bronzerny oke banget niihh...