Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review : Revlon Grow Luscious

Hello Chica..
Do you remember my Revlon Haul ?
If you don't remember it, click this

Yesterday, Vani asked me to make a review about it...
Since I don't want to make her disappointed, I make a review about it as soon as possible... ^^

I bought this mascara, because I wanted to get a set of brushes from revlon!
and this was the cheapest mascara from Revlon >.<
I love cheap and free product .. <3





The shade
It's written that this mascara not only makes our lashes longer and lusher instantly, but also grows your lashes ^^

Let's prove it >.<

The inside packaging
It's green \(^.^)/
Fresh and elegant!

the wand >.<
The wand is a bit big for my little eyes ...

Can you guess it?
Which eyes use the mascara?
 take a closer look!
After | Before

Without Mascara

With Mascara
This review makes me scared >.<

You can see that this mascara can make my eyelashes longer and fuller ^^
Let the pictures explain everything :p

I have been using this mascara for almost a month ...
Every time I go out, I always use this mascara (since I just have one)
and Voilaaaa..
YES! My eyelashes become longer!
It really grows my lashes..
FYI, my lower lashes was not long like this!
yeah, it can be said that I didn't have lower lashes..
but now, even when I'm not wearing mascara, my lower lashes is still great !
you can see it in the after | before Picture .. I do HAVE lower lashes!!

What I Love :
1. It's easy to find!
2. Affordable
3. It GROWS my lashes !!!
4. Green Packaging...
5. Waterproof but easy to remove.. yeayy..

What I hate :
1. Sometimes the gel of this mascara agglomerates at the tip of the wand .. :(
2. When using the mascara, the gel of this mascara drops off onto my face.. So, I have to clean it after using the mascara.

Where and Price :
I bought at Matahari in Nagoya Hill Batam 
It's about $7.5  ^^

Will I buy it again?
YEAH!.. Since it has been proven can make my eyelashes longer!

If you are looking for mascara, I recommend you to buy this mascara
It has good quality yet affordable..

Thanks for reading my blog Chica..
I hope it helps you to choose a right mascara^^



  1. Who doesn't like free and cheap stuffs?? hahaha..
    Thank youu for making the revieww.. it helps a lot!!
    But does it hold the curl well?

  2. yup, I think every woman loves free products :p

    yeaayyyy.. \(^.^)/ I love it, if it helps you ..

    I never use a lash curler before, but it did curl my lashes.. :)
    It makes my lashes curly until next 3-4 hours :)

  3. aahhhhh, gue juga suka yg gratisan. Teteup! emang wanita suka gratisan. ahahahaa *OOT*

    1. hahahahah..
      gara-gara brush nya jadi beli banyak >.<
      dasar wanita... hohoho