Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Recently life ^^

Hi everyone ^^
This post will be out of the topic ..
It's not about beauty, but about my life .. :D

I had been missing for a month.. :(
where the hell was I?
I was in Batam, my hometown..
Unfortunately, in my House there was not an Internet Connection ..
I had to go to a Cafe, which was so far from my house, to get free WIFI..

By the way, I got my hair cut! ^^

So, Here are some pictures of me when I was in Batam ..

My long hair ^^
My new hair yeay

Going to Singapore 



That was the photos of me when I was in Batam..
So much to share, but I think that's enough for now >.<

How's your day girls ?
I hope you have so much fun in your daily life..

thank you for reading..

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