Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review : Beauty Credit Sheet Mask Lemon

Hai Ladies.. ^^

I want to make a review about Sheet  Mask Lemon from Beauty Credit
first time I saw the Beauty Credit store was at Nagoya Hill Mall in Batam,,
I didn't know that Beauty Credit was korean cosmetic brand..
I entered the store and took a look..
There were eyeshadows, lipsticks, and other things related to beauty..
I was shocked that the prices were quite expensive for me,,
Since i didn't have any intentions to buy make up,  so I bought the Sheet Mask Lemon which was the cheapest product I could find..

Here is my review about Sheet Mask Lemon ...
The Packaging

Beauty Credit
the Packaging <3

The back of the packaging
Korean Explanation

What I love :
1. They use paper bag!! it's not like others brand which use plastics
2. The colour of the paper bag.. it looks cute, right?
3. The sheet mask fits on my face perfectly.. and I think I'm pretty cute using that mask.. :p
4. It smells good
5. It moisturizes my face ..

What I hate :
1. The explanation about this product is written in Korean language,,  It makes me have to remember what the functions of this mask (cause the functions of this mask is explained by the writing on the rack of the counter)...
2. it's hard to find in Indonesia.. They just have 2 stores in Indonesia.. One is in Batam, and the other one is in Jakarta...

Where and Price:
You can buy this product at Nagoya Hill Batam and in Jakarta (since I don't know where exactly >..< )
I bought this product for $2

Will I buy it again another time?
Yes, In another flavours


  1. i've tried this mask before and i quite love it because the mask covers till eyes. :D

    fyi the store located in Emporium Pluit Mall in Jakarta :)


  2. yup dear, it fits perfectly ^^

    thank you for the information dear, but it's still so far from me.. (since i live in bandung) :(

    You have a great blog ^^

    thank you for reading my blog <3