Friday, November 2, 2012

MAKEUPNISTA Challenge : Late Halloween Make

I'm So sorry for this late Post about Halloween makeup..
"Hello Fina, where the hell has you been? It's already November! No More Halloween!"
Yeah, That was my thought when I wrote this Post.. >.<
then my other thought said
"That's ok Fina. you were busy right? You had to prepare your graduation ceremony, your parents came to Bandung and you were a little bit under the weather because of pushing yourself too hard. Just Post it!"
and Here I am to post my late Post about Halloween makeup..

Because on the latest Challenge I made my face looks terrible.. So I wanna make this one look beautiful,,
But unfortunately.. Instead of making my face beautiful, I made it look like a scary witch >.<

Let's see :

What do you think?



  1. Auww..Finnn. Kamu kalau pakai esedo kok bisa nyala banget gitu siihh?? Pas itu deep blue sea nya looxperiments juga "nyala". Ajarin lahh..

    1. mbak e maaf baru bales,,
      jarang OL di laptop >.<

      Itu efek eyeshadow kanyak mbak..
      eyeshadow ELF emang bagus :p

  2. Kayak Film Black Swan ya mbak ? Make upnya kayaknya sama waktu nina nari aku sukaaa
    Follback ya mbak makasih